Step One: The Listing Decision

  • Our job is to help you make good decisions.  The first decision you will make is how you are going to choose your real estate agent.  Are you going to choose your agent based on their skill, integrity, and marketing or are you going to choose your agent based on their price opinion of your home.  Please let us explain to you the risks associated with choosing the agent that gives you the highest price opinion. Unfortunately there are folks who will tell you what you want to hear just to get their sign in your yard.  We call that "buying a listing".  The risk to you is that this could triple the amount of time your home is on the market and reduce your net at closing.

     The statistics based on recent market activity through MLS shows that homes that have a price reduction sell for much less than the original asking price and stay on the market three times longer!  Homes sold with no price reduction sold for 97% of asking price in 80 days.  Homes  with a price reduction sold for 86% of the original asking price in 240 days.  What this means to you - A property priced close enough to market value to avoid a price reduction should sell three times quicker and give you a higher net at closing.

Step Two: The Seller's Advantage

  • See why Aldridge & Southerland has sold more homes in Pitt County. Benefit from the areas strongest marketing programs. Click Here.

Step Three: Moving out of the Area

  • If you're considering a move anywhere in the country or the world, we can help. We'll provide you with resources and services to make your transition easier. Click Here.

Step Four: Pre-Market Consultation

  • First impressions count. We've seen thousands of properties, and are uniquely skilled in helping sellers understand what they can do to properly prepare their home for sale. To schedule a pre-market consultation and learn more, Click Here

Step Five: Find Your Home's True Value

  • Receive a free report on today's market value of your home. To get started, Click Here and provide a little information.

Step Six: Find an Agent

  • Find a leading real estate professional in the Greenville area. If you have worked with us before, you can also look up your Aldridge & Southerland agent. If not, we'll help find the right professional for you. Click Here.

Step Seven: Home Services

  • For a complete list of Home Repair contractors we have had good experiences with, Click Here.

Step Eight: Aldridge & Southerland's Selling Guide

  • Contact us for a copy of the  comprensive guide to selling your home.  Click Here